Build your home in California and take it wherever you go.

With the cost of affordable housing rising every day, people are looking at other options for their living accommodations. One of the current trends is downsizing. A tiny house seems to be a perfect solution for this growing trend. A tiny house has many applications- a vacation house, a guest house on your property, even a portable office or studio to list a few.

California Tiny House is a company located in Fresno, CA. Our goal is to build the best product at an affordable price. We are a father and son partnership owned by Pat and Nick Mosley. Pat has a B contractors license and a degree in architecture. Nick has been the foreman of our construction company for the past 8 years. We are very skilled in all phases of building and are detail oriented.

We are builders of certified movable tiny houses. This means that each house is thoroughly tested and assures it is safe and built to industry standards. We now offer a 10 year extended warrantee on all models along with affordable insurance policies.

Thank you for considering California Tiny House for your next project

- Pat and Nick -