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Our new model series brings together the most requested features and materials from thousands of inquiries and hundreds of builds. Unlike previous models, there is no 6-12 month waitlist or build-time to get your new tiny house, they are ready for delivery right now! Fun fact: Vesta is also the mythological goddess of hearth and home. It is available in a 32'-10' trailer size. Future models will include a 24'-studio and a 40'-two bedroom version.

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Trailer Base Size (LxW)
32' x 10' (384"x120")
Overall Base (LxW)
37.5' x 10.5' (450"x126")
Overall Height (H)
13.5' (162")
Total Weight (Dry lb)
15,000lb - 15,900lb
21,000 lb (3 ea. 7K lb)
Power Input
50A Service
Water Input
Standard (RV Style) Hose
Climate System
12k BTU Mini-Split
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Quick Specs

MSRP: $129050*

*some premium add-ons may add cost

VESTA: Designed to Fit

 Clients kept asking for the same features, functionality, and design; Must fit a downstairs enclosed bedroom, large kitchen with a bigger fridge, bathroom with space for changing, and tons of windows. With the list of must-haves, we applied our tiny house knowledge from years of custom projects and added to the list; premium quality materials, low-no maintenance, max-allowable height, dual-entry, and versatility of placement, use/classification. We started coming up with the best way to incorporate as much practical and visual space while fitting everything on the lists. After dozens of variations cross-referencing our most successful builds, material-sourcing challenges, rigorous testing, and countless cups of coffee, we found it! We could build a new tiny house product line of higher quality, faster and make it available for greater production and distribution.  Vesta includes all the major asks, fits into tons of locations as an ADU or standalone unit, and fits the  California Tiny House style and high-quality standard. It just fits! 

Available Styles: Exterior


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Light Grey


• Clear Cedar Siding: Natural, timeless and beautiful, our premium cedar siding lends itself to both modern and traditional tastes.


• Painted Siding: Available in classic white or custom* paint colors to coordinate with existing structures and/or comply with local guidelines.

• White Vinyl Windows: Crisp white tempered low-E multi-pane windows.


• Bronze Tone Windows*: Designer dark bronze tempered low-E multi-pane windows. 

• Light Grey Metal:  Clean and bright, zero-maintenance for roof and body-siding.


• Charcoal Metal: Bold and rich, zero-maintenance for roof and body-siding.

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