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The California Gallery line features tiny homes with lots of customizable options and finishes, with styles ranging from classic to modern and everywhere in between. Gallery incorporates many proven components from some of our favorite past projects, as well as some brand new designs. Most of the models in this line have easy-access loft bedrooms, large kitchens, and provide larger living space with long-term or full-time occupancy in mind. 



Trailers sizes are on the California Tiny House site are defined by deck-size, not overall size, and do not account for bump-outs or overhangs. Typical total travel widths are 8.5' and 10.5'. Remember: the structure is only as solid as its foundation, and our custom trailer foundations are the best of the best!

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This full-featured, yet compact Tiny House can be utilized in snug spaces. Unlike most of our builds, three are no build-outs or overhangs. With an optional removable tongue, this little guy barely extends past the trailer footprint, making this our smallest full-featured tiny house in the series.

Starting Price:


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Available in 2 design styles, reg configuration and the "Special" version. The special version, G20-S, has a more complex roofline and different window pattern including the bay style window at the back. Inside the "S" version also has exposed ceiling beam detail and includes the interior stairs & metal accent option.

Starting Price:


[S] $68,439

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There are some important decisions to make right off the bat with this tiny house: Add a downstairs bedroom or keep a giant living room? Ladder or Storage stairs for loft access? Also, do you want more kitchen by expanding with an integrated bar table? It's sort of a swiss-army layout, with a really cool gable+shed roof design to maximize space/efficiency.

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 With tons of natural light and extended sight-lines, this is the brightest and most open model in the series. Open beams that vault to more windows let the light dance around all day. There are so many cool things going on with this house! It does not feel like a"tiny" house at all.

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This is the only gooseneck trailer in the Gallery series.  Designed with two Queen bedrooms, one in a stair loft, the other up the short steps to the gooseneck portion. Thisof course, would also make a great office, or multi-purpose room. The modified gable-dormer roof breaks up the boxiness seen in other larger homes. The alternate layout option boasts a 10ft wide folding glass wall, to make the lines between inside  & outside blur. 

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Gallery Layouts

The materials and add-ons in this section were specifically chosen for the Gallery Series and will define the style, look, and functionality of your tiny house. 


All of the options in this section apply to (almost) all Gallery models. For layout options, see Layout and Sizes above. 



Gallery Options


Trim and Door Color can be selected independently and  from the following options:


White or Match Roof/Siding

compliment or simplify


Accent Color

make a statement or coordinate with a theme with select colors or optional custom 


Stained Wood*

add warmth and/or a natural element

* We use maintenance-free stainable fiberglass with a large single lite design for entry doors on most models. Think you saw a wood door on one of our builds? It was probably fiberglass :) 



Board & Batten is the standard exterior siding. Painted marine plywood is very low maintenance, and can be painted a number of select or custom colors. Batten/Grid layout depends on the model, but always has a classic crafted look.

Painted Shiplap creates a visual texture that works well with both modern and traditional designs. White is the standard color for this upgrade, but alternate and custom colors are available.