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Vesta 40




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For the Vesta Series, we applied our tiny house knowledge from years of custom projects and added to the list; premium quality materials, low-no maintenance, max-allowable height, dual-entry, and versatility of placement, use/classification. We started coming up with the best way to incorporate as much practical and visual space while fitting everything on the lists. After dozens of variations cross-referencing our most successful builds, material-sourcing challenges, rigorous testing, and countless cups of coffee, we found it! We could build a new tiny house product line of higher quality, faster and make it available for greater production and distribution.  Vesta includes all the major asks, fits into tons of locations as an ADU or standalone unit, and fits the  California Tiny House style and high-quality standard. It just fits! 

Vesta 40

Get ready to live large in our 10’ x 40’ wonder unit! This is the ultimate multitasker: a bonus bedroom/office/guest room, full bathroom, and a chic living space all in one. Sleeps up to 6, ensuring no one's left out of the fun. Plus, we've jazzed it up with premium upgrades because you deserve the best.


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