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Studio 30




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The California Studio series of tiny homes are bright, open floor plans with bold window-scapes. Studio homes are all single level, with free space for a variety of uses. Like art, dance, music, yoga, etc, the 'Tiny' Studio is defined by user interpretation. With many available options and high-quality material upgrades, curated specifically for Studio, this California Tiny House line is adaptable to many arrangements.

Studio 30

Description of this model

Our Studio 30 is a studio or 1 bedroom tiny house. The studio 30 is a brand new model for 2024 and the unit pictured is a customized version of the Studio 30 reduced to 24'. This is the perfect home for people that want to go tiny but want to have the space for furniture and the closet space of a traditional home. The Studio 30 is and 8.5' wide unit meaning anyone with a class C license can legally town this home. The Studio series can be heavily upgraded but starts out as a simple clean space with kitchen cabinets and full bathroom. Let your imagine run wild with this model and customize it however your heat desires. The Studio 30 as with all of our built to order units it can be customized to fit your needs!


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