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Element 24



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The California Element line is based on simplicity and adaptability. The Element FLeX is configurable with multiple sizes with options to suit many project types. All Elements start as a blank slate, with no interior walls. This line is perfect for small offices, bonus-rooms, add-on living spaces, fleet housing projects, or simple tiny house communities. Multi-unit order discounts and expedited build-times are available. Bathrooms (with shower and/or vanity) and kitchens can be added.

Element 24

Welcome to our innovative tiny house, a spacious blank canvas designed for those seeking the freedom to shape their own living space. This shell unit offers a generous floor plan, extending 4 feet longer than the popular Element 20 model, allowing for even greater possibilities in customization. With no predetermined interior features like kitchens or bathrooms, you have the ultimate flexibility to craft your ideal home environment. Envision a personalized movie theatre, a functional office, or a vibrant studio - the choice is yours.


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