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With the introduction of our first models for 2020, we are limiting the number of Fully-Custom tiny homes to larger projects in the $120k+ build range. For homes below that range, please see our new models, which are semi-custom with variable size and sleeping options. For SPECIAL USE or COMMERCIAL projects please fill out a custom build form. Thank you

Element (Economy and fleet homes)

Studio (California downstairs bedrooms)

Gallery (a twist on some of our favorite customs over the years)


Custom builds are designed around your lifestyle and space requirements and provide endless possibilities. We love building custom projects!

Our tiny homes and other movable structures (commercial, office, retail, etc.) are typically 14-40ft in length and are either 8.5'-10.5' wide with fender/deck-over/gooseneck configurations. There are many factors to consider whether you are building a residential home or other type of movable structure and we can help guide you through the process. 

The design team at California Tiny House are experts in maximizing livable space and storage, while balancing design elements. Are you ready to start a Custom Build? 

Starting a design with California Tiny House is easy: Fill out the form below and let us know what you want to build (we are up for any type of project). Some of the most common home requests are shown below, so if you don't see an option you are interested in, please add it to the comments. Once you submit your form our team will contact you and the design process can begin! Once we get the basic details we can start custom drawings and create something awesome just for you. For all custom projects, there is an initial design fee of $1500, that will go toward the final purchase of your build. Let's get started!

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