The start of a building project begins with the sturdy foundation. Here at California Tiny House we have designed our trailer to meet your building needs. Our trailer comes ready for your build which saves you time and money. If you are building in California or surrounding states you will save a substantial amount on shipping. (Tax and license fees are included. No additional costs.)

Our trailer comes with two 5200lb (~2350kg) axles, each equipped with brakes. At each corner we have added a 5000lb (~2250kg) scissor jack. All tires are DoubleKing brand 225/75-15 with a six lug wheel. Our Hitch Jack is rated at 7000lbs (~3175kgs) and comes with a large bottom footing. We have also includes a sturdy diamond plate platform on the tongue.

When it comes to space, we have designed our trailer for the maximum width possible.

Our subdeck begins with a water proof layer followed by a 3/4 CDX top. The location of the steel rails is marked on the plywood deck. With the added 2×6 wood rails, you have a full 8′ foundation with no wasted space. We have added up to 12 foundation bolts for a secure tie-down.

We fully believe that this is the best trailer currently being offered on the market. Click here to see the specs.

[18′ Floor Plan]

18′ Trailer ($5,250)

[20′ Floor Plan]
20′ Trailer ($5,650)

Prices include tax and trailer license fees. Manufacturing time approximately 4-6 weeks.